Taipei, Taiwan

City overview

Taipei is the largest city and is the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is situated between Yangming and Central Mountain which is near to the island of the northern part and the city is having a population of around 2.6 million. The Taipei city is regarded as the fourth largest administrative area after three prominent cities which are Taichung, Taipei and Kaohsiung. The metropolitan area that covers the major area of Taipei city and its central part along with nearby cities like Keelung and new Taipei city represents the overall combined population of all these urban areas that reaches around 7 million of the population. 

Taipei city is a blend of major dominant areas of cultural, financial and governmental Centre which makes a city one of the leading cities. Taipei city has very busy shopping streets with contemporary buildings. Though there are buildings being fabricated every now and then some of which are bamboo-shaped and being made with a design of skyline crowned where there are numerous shops at the basement and will get elevators to reach to the top. It’s a worth visiting place that always glitters in the night and offers wide varieties of good street-food as well. Taipei is a very high-tech area where the connectivity of railways, roads, airports and buses are easily linked with all the islands here.

Shopping malls

  • Shilin night market has a great food court and acquires big area of stores where selling handbags, clothing, ornaments are available in several varieties.
  • Reportedly the core pacific living mall is Asia’s largest shopping mall and has countless stores with cinema complex and dazzling nightclub and open for 24 hours.
  • The Taipei Zhongshan Metro Shopping Mall is a hub of every item from electronic to vintage video games to the underground shopping area which includes big stores with several global items and this mall also deal mostly in hardware and software items.


  • Children’s recreation center is a park famous for old-fashioned rides, theater and has Art museum. The place is an amusement park made for children especially but visitors from all over the world come here.
  • Taipei water park was opened in 2007 and it has all the water facilities and popular for swimming and water slides and is open to visit for summer only.