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The Taiwanese capital is proving to be a booming and fascinating creative hub. Some of Taiwan's best contemporary galleries are trying to reveal the true nature of their work and the art behind it. Aki Gallery was founded in 2012 as a collaboration between the Art Institute of New York and the Taiwan Museum of Contemporary Art and focuses on young contemporary artists from around the world. Join us as we focus on the latest and most exciting contemporary art projects in the city's art scene. AIR Taipei offers international artists a unique opportunity to develop and implement their project in Taiwan and provides a platform for collaboration with local artists and galleries.

How to get there: The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is located at the southernmost end of the calligraphy Greenway. It's easy to spend a few hours here, but it's not big, but it's a great place to start.

How to get there: Take the MRI from Taipei City Hall to the Blue Line at Exit 1 and take it to the Tai Taiwan City Center. The New Taiyi City Museum of Art is located at the southernmost end of the calligraphy greenway, just a few blocks from the National Taiwan Museum.

When I visited in March 2018, it was made up of vertical construction tubes of varying heights, each with its own view of the city skyline.

The gallery represents a number of leading figures in the Taiwanese contemporary art scene, from artists such as Wang Shih - chuan, Chen Shui - jin and Zhang Yifan. The Taiwanese painter lives in Paris, has a strong main market in Asia and his works include paintings for the New York Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Art in Beijing.

Taiwanese collectors prefer traditional art forms, while video art is hard to sell and the support of local collectors is not enough to make the market thrive, "he says. Hong Kong's diverse population and culture also make it an attractive destination for cutting-edge avant-garde art that could struggle for attention in Taiwan. Members of the Taiwanese art scene are striving to find ways to connect the global art world with commerce.

LGBTQ artists enjoy freedoms in modern Taiwan that are denied in other Asian countries, and many Taiwanese artists address globalization issues in their works. With one of the world's longest art fairs, Taiwan is also known for its liberal and diverse culture. LGBTQ artists , it could be a mediator for Asia's largest art market, as it has no bad blood with its neighbors.

Taiwan has what it takes to earn its place as a global arts centre, and I believe it is time for Taiwan to position itself on the world stage. Taipei Dangdai is in a unique position as the fair brings the international art world to the island and its cultural diversity.

It is perhaps too early to say that Tzeng does not acknowledge the existence of the gay art scene in Taipei.

Chinese influence, the nationalists also allowed the United States to establish a number of military bases in Taiwan. Keng Ku agrees that Taipei's taste for pop art stemmed from the works of street artists who served as the gateway to the art world for the general public. The Americans introduced the American Institute of Contemporary Art (AICA) and the Asia Art Center in Taiwan, expanded their wings and founded a second branch in Taipei. Taiwanese artists were strongly influenced by their Japanese colleagues: the Japanese introduced oil and watercolor painting to Taiwan, the Americans did not.

Li Chen's solo exhibition runs until August 27, 2017, and the gallery collaborates with contemporary masters such as Wu Tien Chang. Now you can also visit the latest edition of the Taipei Biennale at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) and exhibit in the Taiwan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2015. In addition to the fair and museum, visitors to Taiwan should also not miss the annual Taiwan Art Fair, the world's largest contemporary art exhibition in Taiwan.

If you want to be a feast for the eyes and the stomach, you can visit nine creative parks and museums. In addition to the traditional buildings scattered across Taiwan, there are a number of good places to see the architecture of the indigenous peoples. If you have time, you should definitely check them out, but not everyone can attend the Taipei Biennial, the world's largest contemporary art exhibition in Taiwan.

The art scene is mainly concentrated in the capital Taipei, where many tasters from all over the region live. The bustling city itself has an equally vibrant art scene, made up of artists from across the country as well as a number of local art galleries and museums. Taiwanese creative culture, and seems to offer an interesting insight into it.

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