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Taipei is full of sights, top things to do in Taipei, accommodation, food and more. After a week exploring this incredible city and all that it has to offer, we have compiled a list of 30 of the best things you can do for your next trip to Taiwan, from food and drink to art and culture, with an emphasis on the city itself.

We also have some tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect night in Taipei, and try to give you a good idea of where to stay and what to eat in Taipei. To this end, we have put together a few places for you, but don't worry, you might as well pack all the important and curious sights of Taiwan into one trip.

We hope that our Taipei guide will give you many ideas for activities in Taipei and help you plan your trip. If you are planning a trip to Taiwan, be sure to check out our Taiwan route for yourself. We also like to share some of the best things we have done in Taiwan alone to learn more about the city's jewels, so our detailed First Timer's Guide to Taiwan will certainly be helpful.

The Taipei 3-day guide is designed to look at the transit to and from Taipei, which turns into a stop in Taiyi - over. Now, there is far more to do in Tai Taiwan than a little outside, but this offers more ideas for what is to be seen at the Taiji end.

If you want a killer photo of Taipei 101, you should definitely hike to the top of Taiji - passing by, on the main path that leads to a series of views, and then back to Taiyi.

In addition, this area is home to many restaurants and other attractions, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. Even though there is plenty to do elsewhere in Taiwan, if you don't leave Taipei, there are plenty of things to see and do to fill your week.

If you're wondering what to eat in Taipei, check out our must-try list - try Taiwan's dishes. If you do want to taste Taiwanese food, we recommend you register for a unique food tour inTaipei. Hopefully, these three days with your trip to Taiwan will be enough time to get a feel for the city and at the same time discover what you can eat while discovering it. For more information about the night markets and other food and drink events, I suggest you visit the Taiwanese night markets.

If you are planning to visit a few pubs and clubs in Taipei, staying at Tai Taiwan 101 is very encouraging. If you can make it to just one of the many things to do in Taiwan, don't forget to visit the night markets. One of my favorite and super fun things I've done is go to KTV to spend a night with music, food, drinks and of course good sleep.

The Shilin Night Market is Taiwan's most popular night market and is considered by some Taiwanese to be the "most touristy" of the night markets. It is not only a great place to shop, but also home to some of Taiwan's most unique and unique artisans. The crowd is mainly locals, especially if you visit Taiwan in the off-season in January. If you arrive here and spend the first four nights in Taipei, you should stay at Tai Taiwan 101, even if it is not in Taiyi. You should definitely include this in your list, because you are blowing away all thoughts - art, food and entertainment.

This is one of the best free attractions in Taipei and admission is free if you are near the temple, but not for everyone else.

Also on the grounds of the Expo Park are the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, which is a must-see and constantly hosts creative exhibitions, and the Taipei Story House, which tells the story of Taiwan in a sweet and endearing way. If you want to visit Taiwan and other cultural attractions in Taiwan, don't miss the Shung Ye Aboriginal Museum in Formosa. There are many good places to visit to learn more about Taiwan's culture and history. The Thermal Springs Museum, which is actually an old Japanese bath house, is a unique place to visit in Taiwanese.

Raohe is located at the end of the Songshan Line in eastern Taiwan and was opened in 1987. It offers a wide range of food and beverages as well as a great night market. As one of Taiwan's most popular night markets for food, drink and entertainment, the Rao he Night Market should be a must - visit the night market in Taiwan. Set in a historic building on the south side of Taoyuan Street, just blocks from Expo Park, Yen Tai Taiwan is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant that has its own class in terms of flavor and presentation of food.

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