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Whether you're exploring the history of Taiwan's cultural heritage or discovering art and woodcarvings in the countryside, Taiwan has something for every cultural traveller. Nowhere in Taiwan is there a better place to learn all about Chinese history than in Taiwan. This private museum is located next to the Daan MRI station and is dedicated to children aged 0 to 10.

This museum is the first Asian themed museum dedicated to the masterpieces of contemporary miniature art. Memorial Peace Park is located in the heart of Taipei City, just blocks from the National Museum of Taiwan. Japan's colonial government opened the world's first museum of children's art in Taiwan in 1908, the Taiwan Art Museum, which remains open to this day.

Although the National Museum of Taiwan (also known as the Palace Museum) has more exhibits, some of the most beautiful pieces from Taiwan's history have become a focus of the Taiwan Art Museum and the world's largest museum of children's art. The name of this museum, the Palace Museum or Taiwan Art Gallery, derives from the same institution that was split into two following the Chinese Civil War.

During World War II, many of the Forbidden City's treasures were transported to Taiwan and exhibited in the National Museum of Taiwan and Taiwan Art Museum. The Communist army took control of all the Palace Museum collections when the items arrived in Taiwan, so not all the collections could be sent to Taiwan. Taiwan has a long history of establishing large museums, but not always in the form of an art and culture museum. During the civil war, the Communist army took control of the Palace Museum collection, at which point some of the items had arrived in Taiwan or could have been sent to Taiwan.

If you love history, art, culture or all of the above, these museums must be on your trip to Taipei. After visiting the National Museum of Taiwan and the Taiwan Art Museum and Palace Museum, you can explore some fun, unusual and quirky museums in Taiwan. Their first stop is to get close to the fun approach that some of these museums take. In Taipei you will get to know culture and collections.

If you don't convince the Puppet Museum and Drinking Water Museum that Taipei has many large small museums, the Museum of World Religions will. The Museum of World Religion tops the list of the 50 best activities in Taiwan and is one of the most popular museums in Taiwan.

Of all the smaller museums to visit in Taipei, the Museum of World Religions is probably the most fascinating, because it really has something unique and a lot of potential. There are some interesting museums with many attractions, but if you spend your time in Taichung, you should definitely visit. The National Taiwan Museum for Fine Arts is probably the largest, as it is easy to spend a few hours here.

The Imperial Palace complex in Beijing is mainly open-air, but the National Palace Museum in Taipei is indoors. However, it is the only one of its kind in the world and has the same roots. There are a few other museums in Taiwan, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taichung and the Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Tainan.

How to get there: The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is located at the southernmost end of the Calligraphy Greenway.

The museum, known simply as Gugong Gu Gong, is a must-see on most Taipei routes and is packed with visitors every day of the week. The Forbidden City is the best place to see imperial treasures and artifacts because it is gigantic, from calligraphy, paintings, pottery and all kinds of jade. But the National Palace Museum has long had the advantage of being able to exhibit many more artifacts in its home country. From the finest imperial treasures to the finest pieces of ceramics, glass, wood and even glass, it is one of Taiwan's most renowned museums.

The museum is staging exhibitions in the hope that artifacts could be seized and claimed by China due to Taiwan's disputed political status. The museum has held exhibitions at the National Palace Museum in Taipei for fear that China might seize and claim artifacts due to the controversy over its disputed political status in Taiwan. However, the museum also holds exhibitions at other museums across the country because of the risk that the artifacts could be seized or claimed by China because of its controversial political status in Taiwan.

Here is a list of the most important museums in Taiwan, with the exception of the National Palace Museum. Founded in 1908, the National Taiwan Museum is one of Taiwan's oldest museums and the largest museum in the country. The National Museum of Taiwanese Literature was founded in 1916 as the first Taiwanese literary museum to house a collection of over 1,000 works from around the world dating back to 1916.

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