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In this article, we will visit five restaurants in Taipei, ranging from classic Chinese cuisine to hipster fusion to Taiwanese flavors. The experience of tradition, where ultra modern meets modern and what fine food has to offer when dining in Taipei.

Here we have listed some of Taiwan's restaurants and night markets known for classic Chinese cuisine, hipster fusion, modern food and much more. These are the top five restaurants in Taipei, with an emphasis on classic and modern cuisine and the best night market in the city.

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Taiwan and are either a local or a visitor, the Hua Guo breakfast restaurant is a good choice. This restaurant is part of a large group of Indian restaurants in Tai Taiwan and they have 7 branches in total, but they are concentrating on a special market for vegetarians. Don't worry if you're longing for something more continental - no matter what you want after breakfast, Taipei will definitely help. From local to Taiwanese dishes, Taiwan has a restaurant serving dishes from continental China. If you are craving breakfast, there are restaurants in Taiwan that adapt to Western diets.

One of the most popular outposts is Shih Yeh Dining in Taipei 101, which is located on the 85th floor of Tai Taiwan 101. One of our best free attractions in Taipei is the Buddha Temple in the National Museum of Taiwan, the largest museum in Taiwan. If you are near the temple, the entrance is free and it is a popular attraction for tourists, locals and tourists alike.

If you want to try a variety of Taiwanese dishes and pay less, you can have a snack on the street. The night market is not in Taipei, but we have put it on our list because of its fantastic food (you can't get us here) and its art.

Din Tai Fung, a restaurant in Taiwan, was named one of the 10 best restaurants in the world by the New York Times in 1993. Located in the heart of Taipei City, just blocks from the city centre, this no-frills restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes from Taiwan's most popular restaurants. The Ephernite Restaurant, one of Taiwan's best restaurants, was the first restaurant in Taiwan to introduce farm tables, meaning that all ingredients derived from them are seasonal and purchased from local farmers. Founded in 1972, the steamed dumplings and noodles specialist has grown from humble beginnings to restaurants around the world, including Hong Kong, where it has a Michelin star.

I was thrilled to find out that Fei Qian Wu is a Taipei restaurant known for serving some of the best unagi bento boxes in the city. During the trip we visited, we were able to visit this city for the first time and I was sold out for hours every day.

This restaurant combines the essence of Taiwanese snacks and banquet dishes and is considered the leading brand of "Taiwanese cuisine." Taiwanese restaurant known for its steamed dumplings, which many consider the best in the world. This restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Taiwan for its steaming dumplings and delicious dishes.

Restaurant Andre in Singapore (RAW) has one Michelin star and is currently one of the best restaurants in the world for its "Taiwanese cuisine" and also has two Michelin stars. Taiwanese chef who recently closed his own restaurant in Hong Kong and was involved in the opening of a new restaurant at the same location in Taipei, Taiwan. Andre Restaurant (Singapore) - RAW also has two stars and is currently the second most popular restaurant for "Taiwanese cuisine in Taiwan after the famous Tainan restaurant.

The main path leads to a series of views and the restaurant gets a Rec and ends on the top of a mountain overlooking the Taipei skyline and other parts of Taiwan. Shin Yeh's restaurant has been operating in several Taipei branches, including Tainan, for which I couldn't get a reservation.

Fuhang Soy Milk is known as one of the best restaurants in Taiwan for a traditional Taiwanese breakfast, and I never missed it when I was in Taipei. The food here is always good and cheap, which I am glad I experienced because I know how much better it is than any other restaurant in Taiwan that serves Taiwanese breakfast. I like to eat and that is the essence of Taiwanese cuisine. So I'm enjoying it. With so many good restaurants and restaurants to choose from and so much to eat, Tai Taiwan has a lot for them in terms of food and culture.

YEN is absolutely delicious, and when you're in Taiwan, no one should be afraid to try the local specialty beef noodle soup.

Din Tai Fung is one of Taiwan's most popular dumplings restaurants, or as Tony calls it, "the best in the world. They specialise in throwing basket after basket of steamed dumplings and are often hailed as "one of the greatest extractor hoods on the planet." When you come to Taipei, you have to stop at Din Tai Dung, the only restaurant in Taiwan I know that is called Tony.

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