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The coronavirus pandemic has erupted again, Taiwan's baseball league continues, and Jeremy Lin has become a big star. Despite his modest success on the court, this is undoubtedly the most successful season of his career to date and he is the second highest point scorer in the Taiwan Basketball League (TBL).

She is often called the greatest Asian sprinter of all time and won silver medals at the 1960 and 1963 Asian Championships. She won the silver medal at the 1972 Asian Women's Basketball Championship and the gold medal in 1976 for the men.

The most famous athlete from Chinese Taipei is one of two athletes in athletics who have not won gold.

Due to complications related to the international recognition of Taiwan as a sovereign state, Taiwan does not compete under the official name of the "Taiwan Republic of China," which is reflected in the word "Chinese" in the names of professional leagues. According to the rules of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), competition under a name such as "Chinese Taipei" is the only way Taiwan can participate in the Olympic Games. The official Universiade media guide used "China" as the name for the Beijing Olympics and the Rio de Janeiro World Cup, but later changed it to "Taiwan" after lawmakers and the public expressed their displeasure. Taiwan is what it wants to be known for, and it is not in a position to force itself to participate in major sporting events held on the island state.

Chinese Taipei first participated in the 1956 Olympic Games and has participated in all Olympic Games since then, except 1976 and 1980. She competed under the official name "Taiwan Republic of China" at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the Universiade World Cup. US athletes do not compete under a name like "Chinese Taipei" because they refuse to compete under a name other than "Republic of China," and no nation competes under one of its official names in international competitions.

Taiwan began playing Big League baseball in 1974, the Little League baseball, which was played in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since then, it has won 13 championships, the highest number of championships in the history of the game and the second-highest total in baseball history.

On the international level, Taiwanese baseball is best known for the Little League World Series, which is played every summer in the United States. Moreover, the baseball World Cup, which is being held in Taiwan, has resulted in baseball and football being heavily exposed. The J-League has made football popular in Japan, but it is not as popular as baseball or basketball, even though it has a track record at Asian level. Taiwan's sports industry was under criticism long before the game, and it only got worse as the games went on.

The Taiwan Major League was founded in 1997 and was taken over by the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) in 2003. Most teams are based in Taipei, but a few teams from Taichung and Kaohsiung will come to Taiwan to play. Taiwan does not host many regular individual sports events in the summer, except for the World Cup and the Asian Games. The event, which is perhaps the most important individual sporting event in Taiwan in recent years, is the Gorges Cup, the largest individual sporting event of its kind in Asia.

In 2014, it was held for the first time in Taiwan, where the superstar of women's tennis, Venus Williams, crowned herself the winner and won her first World Cup title. It was held that day at Heping Basketball High School in Taipei, but the match was stopped a few days before the start and it was announced that she would never play for her national team again. She was drawn against the USA in the first match of the Taiwanese women's national team at the 2014 Asian Games in Jakarta.

Although she did not participate in the World Series, Wang is still enormously famous in Taiwan. She is one of the voices on Fox Sports Taiwan, who calls MLB games in Mandarin Chinese from her hometown of Taipei. Last month, a documentary about her career, "Late in life," was released in Taiwan.

Taiwanese players who make it to Major League Baseball are automatically a household name. Baseball, like basketball, is the national sport, and it can be fun to watch and a good cultural experience. Taiwan also has some of the best baseball teams in the world, such as the Taipei Giants and the New York Yankees, which can all be a fun watch or - in cultural terms - the best experience.

Lin Tzu-Wei is the new Taiwanese baseball star and only the second player to win a World Series ring. He is undoubtedly Taiwan's most famous player, but he is far from the only one.

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