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April is one of the best months to travel to Taipei, but this month is usually a low season - peak tourist season. If you are looking for a good place to stay and travel in Taipei or to maximize your time in the city with good weather, good food and good hotels, this is probably the worst month to travel to Taiwan. November is another good time to travel to Tai Taiwan and stay in Tai Taiwan to do some good things that can be done in and out of Tai Taiwanese.

This packing list assumes you will be in Taiwan for a week or more, but you can subtract this sum from your list if it is just a short trip. The data is a bit different every year, so you have to be super efficient with your data. Here is a list of the best places to consider when considering Taiwan as a single - short - trip.

It can rain in any month of the year in Taipei, but to anticipate it, the driest months are October, January and then March. If you are looking for dry weather, it is October - January and then March, which is a good time of year to travel to Taiwan for a short break.

The annual plum rainy season brings rain to some parts of the island, although the rain, like much of Taiwan's rainfall, usually comes late in the day, which freshens the air before the blue skies return. Plum rainfall is short and intense, but falls at the same time as the driest months, meaning it cannot rain at all. Another climatic feature: it does not always rain in Taipei during the plum season, as is customary in other areas of Taiwan.

The clearest part of the year in Taipei starts on September 14 and lasts 7.5 months and ends on April 30. Tail - the end of the cherry blossom season falls in the first week of March, shortly after the beginning of spring and shortly before the beginning of summer. A visit to Tai Taiwan in March has the added advantage of being caught at the end of the cherry blossom season, so it is one of the most beautiful months in Taiwan.

To break the humidity, autumn is a good time to explore the hiking trails in Taipei, especially in the first week of October.

It is a great place to spend a spring day, and it is one of the best places to admire the scenic views of Taipei City and the city skyline, as well as the mountains in the distance.

When you travel to Taiwan for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, don't forget to try the famous "Taiwanese Moon Cake." Taste 12 authentic Taiwanese delicacies on the Taipei Secret Night Market Tour, and you'll probably want to take something home. Discover the little-known night markets in the heart of the city and watch the beautiful sunset over the Taiwan River and guided evening walks through the mountains.

Taiwan is basically as safe as it can be, but random natural events are still being observed everywhere. Just a few weeks before we left, Taiwan was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake and typhoons are commonplace in the summer. At least three or four typhoons in a year hit Taiwan, disrupting much of the water supply and causing damage, flooding and landslides. Taiwan is one of our safest places in the world, so walking alone at any time of day or night is no problem.

The southern part of the island is the first to experience monsoon, with heavy rainfall between May and September. The latter brings typhoons to Taiwan during the muggy summer season, which mainly affects southern parts of Taiwan such as Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan and the northern parts of the country.

While it is still pleasant, temperatures in northern Taiwan are slowly cooling down, and the south will remain warm for most of September. There may also be warm periods, but the lowest temperatures can approach -8 AdegC (46AdegF) at night and -6 AdegF during the day.

Taiwan's summer is hot and humid, and there is a travel warning for Taiwan until October 7, 2019. When visiting Taiwan this summer, pay attention to the weather forecast to avoid typhoons and prolonged rainy days. Please exercise normal security, especially after the recent terrorist attacks in Hong Kong and Beijing.

If you are traveling in Taiwan with a backpack, you should bring a few extra things that you may not need when staying in a hotel. Charge your Kindle with e-books and learn more about traveling by train or bus to any city in Taiwan.

If you plan to explore the country's major urban destinations, winter is the best time to visit Taiwan. However, many people associate a trip to Taiwan with a Southeast Asian destination, so you may still push yourself one way or the other (hot). Taiwan is best in late summer and early autumn, especially in the winter months.

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